Yahara Lakes 101 "Suck the Muck" Edition with Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

Join the Clean Lakes Alliance, Land & Water Resources Department staff, and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi for an insiders look at the "Suck the Muck" project at Token Creek County Park.  

Thick layers of eroded soil cover the natural stream bed in Token Creek. These sediments contain excessive amounts of phosphorus which contribute to algae blooms in Lake Mendota.  

In this month's Yahara Lakes 101 talk, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Assistant Director of Land & Water Resources Department John Reimer will talk about this project. Attendees will get to see the phosphorus-laden sediment islands firsthand and learn about the removal process. Ultimately, this project will divert thousands of pounds of phosphorus from entering our lakes.


Event Details
Token Creek County Park
September 24, 2019
5:00 – 6:00 pm

 Admission is FREE for all attendees. Online registration is requested.

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Yahara Lakes Association Annual Dinner

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Blackhawk Country Club
6:00 - 8:30 pm
Dinner is $50/per person

Please join us for a fun and entertaining evening!  You will have the opportunity to meet other lake property owners, meet the YLA Board of Directors and learn more about Yahara Lakes Association.  

At this year’s dinner John Reimer will be awarded the “Public Official of the Year” award and Nancy Peckham will be awarded the “Member of the Year” award. Special Guest Speaker will be Joe Parisi - Dane County Executive.

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Loop The Lake Bike Ride

Saturday, June 15th 2019
Olbrich Park

Ride your bike around Lake Monona with friends and family and support clean, healthy water! Loop the Lake is Clean Lakes Alliance’s annual bike ride that highlights our community’s lakes and lakeshore bike paths. Loop the Lake is a ride, not a race, so everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun! Event proceeds support our work to protect and improve our lakes in the Yahara Watershed.

Loop the Lake is not just a bike ride – it’s a community day to rally around our lakes!

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2018 YLA Member Survey Results

2018 YLA Member Survey Results

Thanks to all our members who responded to the YLA survey sent out with our August newsletter to assess member interest in ideas to add value to your membership and improve the Yahara chain of lakes. We received 29 survey responses, an approximately 10% response rate.

The #1 issue was shoreline weed control and management including increased funding/discounts, assistance and education. The YLA board has formed an Aquatic Plant Management Committee to assist and educate our members in managing aquatic plants along their shorelines. We will research options and provide information to you in future newsletters and/or emails.

President's Update - November

President's Update - November

I famously said in our August newsletter that I didn’t consider summer to be almost over because I measured summer from pier in day to pier out day. Since I normally take the last of my pier out in November, we were only half way through summer by my measure. In a “be careful what you wish for” irony, I took my pier out in September.

Summer is now over! Many of you took the first steps of understanding the complexities of managing our lakes when you attended the May YLA seminar on managing lake levels.

YLA Letter to Address the Risk of Flooding in the Yahara Lakes

YLA Letter to Address the Risk of Flooding in the Yahara Lakes

The Yahara Lakes Association (YLA) appreciates your efforts and leadership to improve the quality of our lakes. The extensive flooding in our community this summer and the potential for even more extreme weather events make it clear that we now need your leadership to address the real risk of catastrophic flooding in the Yahara Chain of Lakes.