Yahara Lakes 101 "Suck the Muck" Edition with Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

Join the Clean Lakes Alliance, Land & Water Resources Department staff, and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi for an insiders look at the "Suck the Muck" project at Token Creek County Park.  

Thick layers of eroded soil cover the natural stream bed in Token Creek. These sediments contain excessive amounts of phosphorus which contribute to algae blooms in Lake Mendota.  

In this month's Yahara Lakes 101 talk, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Assistant Director of Land & Water Resources Department John Reimer will talk about this project. Attendees will get to see the phosphorus-laden sediment islands firsthand and learn about the removal process. Ultimately, this project will divert thousands of pounds of phosphorus from entering our lakes.


Event Details
Token Creek County Park
September 24, 2019
5:00 – 6:00 pm

 Admission is FREE for all attendees. Online registration is requested.

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