Work with The Yahara Lakes Association

 The Yahara Lakes Association is seeking a part-time Board of Directors Administrative Assistant to work with the Board on the critical issues our members are facing relating to flooding and Dane County’s effort to find solutions. We estimate the weekly required time will range from 5 - 12 hours.

Please send a cover letter with your resume to Sal A Troia, President of YLA.

Board of Directors Administrative Assistant (BAA)

The BAA will support the activities of the board committees, working with the chairs, which have been approved by the President and the Board of necessary. The BAA will report directly to the president administratively.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Support the board of directors meetings throughout the year to include tasks such as preparing the agenda, ordering food and recording minutes at the meetings.

  2. Support the annual dinner meeting to include tasks such as posting notices of the meeting, sending thank you letters for all auction items received, preparing name tags, receiving and depositing payments and covering the check in table.

  3. Prepare the annual membership billing (approximately 350 active members) to include tasks such as sending notices both electronic and in the mail, receiving and depositing payments and sending out second notices.

  4. Support an annual informational symposium to include tasks such as posting notices of the meeting, keeping track of responses and covering the check in table.

  5. Maintain the individual and corporate membership database.

  6. Maintain the data in the board member only area of the website.

  7. Prepare the financials for the board meetings.

  8. Reconcile the monthly bank statements.

  9. Support the three or four newsletters published per year including tasks such as formatting the newsletter for both the electronic and mail versions and working with printer for the mail version.

  10. Carry out electronic surveys as directed by board committee chairs or the president.

  11. Support membership promotion events

  12. Act as the back-up person for posting content to the website.

  13. Send eMail blasts and other forms of communication to our members and others as needed.

*Events that the BAA will be required to support at a particular location will all be located in the greater Madison area.

Position Requirements

  • Detail oriented and independent.

  • Be a team player because of the working board structure of the organization with board chairs having responsibilities for carrying out activities.

  • Software and technical skills such as QuickBooks & MS Office or the MacBook office suite.

Thank you for your interest in working with YLA.