July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Yahara Lakes Association, Ltd.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 13, 2017 11:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

The Yahara Lakes Association Board of Directors held its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, July 13, 2017, in the Associated Bank (3002 Fish Hatchery Road) Conference room.

The following members and advisors were present: Dick Adler, Stuart Allbaugh, Roy Carter, Bill Fitzpatrick, Caroline Fribance, Carol Gillen, Annette Hellmer, Mike Jensen, Allan Levin, Dick Pearson, Jerry Rekowski, Dan Schultz, Joe Tisserand, Sal Troia, Parker Waller and Rhonda Arries

Members and advisors not present: Doug Bach, Mike Gerner, James Tye and Debbie Waite

11:35 a.m. Call to Order: President Allan Levin called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

11:36 a.m. Minutes: Bill Fitzpatrick made a motion to accept the May 11, 2017 meeting minutes. Annette Hellmer seconded the motion. Motion passed.

11:37 a.m. The Annual Dinner had 119 attendees vs 88 in 2016. Feedback was very positive regarding the Blackhawk Country Club setting, the 3-course steak & shrimp dinner and the guest speakers – Peter Foy from Folks with the carp removal program and James Tye with a CLA update. Jerry Rekowski noted the $50/dinner wasn’t a barrier to attendance and heard that it was a good value for a wonderful evening. Dick Adler and Joe Tisserand thanked board members for getting a lot of high quality raffle and door prizes.

YLA yard signs were given away for free at the end of the evening. Dick Adler has already asked Blackhawk Country Club to hold the last two Tuesdays of June 2018 for next year’s event. Dick Adler made a motion to schedule the Annual Dinner at Blackhawk Country Club on June 19, 2018. Sal Troia seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Allan Levin provided an update regarding the Shoreland Zoning Symposium to be held on Friday, September 8, 2017 from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. at American Family Insurance Headquarters. Paul Kent (attorney from Stafford Rosenbaum Law Firm), Tom Wilson (attorney/administrator from the Town of Westport) and Mary Kolar (Dane County Supervisor and Chairperson of Zoning on Lakes & Watershed) will be the three guest speakers. Each speaker is asked to present for 30 minutes and then a Q&A session will be follow for attendees. Attendees will be asked to RSVP prior to the event. Dan Schultz will order cookies, coffee and water. Rhonda Arries will send out email blasts to YLA members as well as various affiliated groups (i.e. FOLKS, CLA, North Shore Mendota members, etc.). Allan and Rhonda will order gift mugs for the speakers. Rhonda will also create a flyer for YLA board members to distribute in their neighborhoods. Dan Schultz thanked Allan for his efforts in pulling this symposium and guest speakers together. Sal Troia introduced James Rasmussen, a graduate of the Nelson Institute, who is creating a trifold brochure to be used in the door-to-door campaign to recruit and inform riparians about YLA. Carol Gillen, Mike Jensen, Sal Troia and James have been working collaboratively on this marketing campaign. The brochure will also be available to hand out at the Shoreland Zoning Symposium.

Mike Jensen noted the door-to-door campaign will begin in August and will include talking to about 50 lake shore owners that aren’t YLA members. Key survey learnings will include whether there is awareness of YLA; if there is awareness, why or why not are they a member; and then a solicitation to recruit them as a trial member. Reminder from the May board meeting: The proposal would be to offer Free electronic membership to those newly recruited lakefront property owners. Parker Waller made a motion to proceed with the door-to-door survey and give a free electronic membership to those interested. Joe Tisserand seconded the motion. Motion passed. Mike will try to cluster the survey campaign around the addresses of board members so they will have easy access to board members. The new trifiold brochure emphasizes that by joining YLA, you help by increasing the collective voice and value of not only your lakefront property but all of Dane County lakefront property. Rhonda Arries will get print quotes from corporate sponsors and have them printed by early August.

12:15 p.m. Treasurer’s report: Sal Troia, Treasurer

  • The Annual Dinner had revenues of $6,130 and expenses of $6,191 - almost breakeven. The raffle of higher value gift items generated $480. Overall, the event was deemed a financial success.

  • Donations to-date are $7,495 vs a total in 2016 of $6,745. The Purple Cow Foundation has donated $2500 and the Colettis donated $1000.

  • Membership dues continue to be a concern as they are down again vs last year $15,120 todate vs $15,805 last year. The trend for memberships continues to be downward sloping even though donations are on the rise. This suggests that the “core” membership is very committed to YLA’s mission but attracting new interests is proving to be very difficult.

  • Dick Adler made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Caroline Fribance seconded the motion. Motion passed. 12:30 p.m. Special Events Committee – Co-Chairs: Dick Adler & Joe Tisserand

  • The 2017 Annual Dinner was held on June 20, 2017 at Blackhawk Country Club and was a success. See above note for more information.

  • Friday, September 8, 2017, YLA will host a Shoreland Zoning Symposium at American Family. Speakers will include Paul Kent, Tom Wilson and Mary Kolar. The event will be held from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. See above note for more information. 12:35 p.m. Membership Committee – Chair: Mike Jensen

  • Rhonda Arries reported 315 total members to-date in 2017 (27 corporate and 288 individual members) vs. 336 total members in 2016. There are 27 total new members todate (23 new members have come from the New Property Owners who received a oneyear complimentary membership in 2016 and 4 new corporate members). A full breakdown of membership is on http://yaharalakes.org/board-members-only/

  • Carol Gillen looked through the current member list and contacted a few people that she knew were previous members to renew. Thanks, Carol, for working so diligently on member retention. Other board members were asked to follow Carol’s example.

  • Future discussion item: Stuart Allbaugh would like to offer new and/or current YLA members some type of lake-related discount for joining i.e. $ 5 discount on a Tenney Lock pass or get a corporate member discount if you show proof of your YLA membership. These ideas were tabled for future discussion.

  • Newsletter: Publishing schedule is February, May, August and November Carol Gillen will ask board members for ideas and articles for the August newsletter. All articles will be due at the end of July so the newsletter can be compiled and distributed in early August. Page 3 of 3

12:45 p.m. Riparian Issues Committee – Chair: TBD

  • High lake levels and YLA’s involvement in contacting various governmental agencies were discussed. Carol Gillen and Dan Schultz asked that no-wake restrictions be put in place for certain areas of lakes such as Squaw Bay on Lake Monona due to high lake levels right now. They asked that YLA notify authorities of the high water issue and ask for no-wake restrictions to be implemented. Discussion ensued on whether the protocols in place are working and whether YLA would be asking to overstep the protocol, create a new protocol or ? After lengthy discussion, it was agreed that YLA needs to have an “expert” who understands the criteria and protocol for issuing a slow, no-wake. Once the expert is in place and knowledgeable, YLA can then move forward, if necessary, to review and ask for updates/changes to the existing guidelines. Importantly, YLA will then need to communicate the no-wake protocol to YLA members so everyone has the right expectations and reactions. YLA could fill the need for providing transparency and rapid communication of high water levels and restrictions. YLA needs to represent lakefront property owners’ interests - not general public lake users - but needs to understand that a no-wake restriction on lakes has a “cost” and thus requires a measured and guided approach. Bill Fitzpatrick noted that lake levels are important all the time not just when the water levels are high. He suggested that YLA should participate in the total lake level management (i.e. hi and lo water levels, weeds, flow control, etc). All agreed.

  • In the meantime, Carol Gillen made a motion that she, as a YLA representative, will call John Reimer and the Dane County Sheriff’s office, about the protocol guidelines they use to place no-wake restrictions on Lake Monona and Squaw Bay. Caroline Fribance seconded the motion. Motion passed (with the understanding that Carol is not requesting a no-wake order as a YLA representative).

1:10 p.m. Environmental Committee – Chair: TBD

  • Clean Lakes Alliance (CLA) – Mike Gerner is a CLA Board of Director member.

  • Lakes & Watershed (L&W) – Mike Gerner

  • Watershed Network Group – Roy Carter and Allan Levin

1:10 p.m. Government Committee – Chair: TBD 1:11 p.m. Old/New Business:

  • Yard signs – Allan Levin asked that each board member take a few extra yard signs for future distribution to their neighbors. Parker Waller will create YLA window decals for corporate members. Allan volunteered to deliver them.

1:12 p.m. Dick Adler made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jerry Rekowski seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Next meeting date is September 14, 2017