July 2018 Meeting Minutes

Yahara Lakes Association, Ltd.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

The Yahara Lakes Association Board of Directors held its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the Verex Building (150 E. Gilman Street) Yahara Conference room.

The following members and advisors were present: Dick Adler, Stuart Allbaugh, Roy Carter, Caroline Fribance, Carol Gillen, Annette Hellmer, Allan Levin, Eric Olson, Dick Pearson , Nancy Peckham, Jerry Rekowski, Dan Schultz, Joe Tisserand, Sal Troia James Tye and Rhonda Arries

Members and advisors not present: Doug Bach, Bill Fitzpatrick, Mike Gerner and Parker Waller

11:35 a.m. Call to Order: President Dan Schultz called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

11:36 a.m. Minutes: Dick Adler made a motion to accept the May 10, 2018 meeting minutes as corrected. Sal Troia seconded the motion. Motion passed.

11:37 a.m. Sal Troia provided the Treasurer’s report:

  • Individual dues income is $12,920 YTD vs an annual budget of $15,330. Business dues income is $2,900 YTD vs an annual budget of $3,000.

  • Donations are at $7,315 to-date. Last year, annual donations were $7,615. Donations continue to bolster the organization’s financial strength despite shortfalls in membership dues income.

  • Joe Tisserand made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Allan Levin seconded the motion. Motion passed.

11:50 p.m. Special Events Committee – Co-Chairs: Dick Adler & Joe Tisserand

Dan Schultz again thanked Joe Tisserand for his service and presented him with a 2017 Member of the Year plaque which wasn’t available to present at the Annual Dinner in June. Joe has played an important role in building YLA’s membership and has worked tirelessly on the Annual Dinner over the years. Joe thanked everyone for the award but also said that he’s not alone in making these contributions. He thanked all the board members who’ve helped with these initiatives over the years. Annual Dinner in June recap:

  • James Tye noted that the Annual Dinner is a great event and declared “it is the best meal in the history of non-profits”. He thanked all those responsible for making it a great event.

  • Dick Pearson and his wife recruited many attendees from Spring Harbor and then reserved tables so they could sit together. Many thought this was a good idea.

  • Dick Adler thanked everyone for the high value raffle items and door prizes – he estimates that 1 out of every 2 attendees received a prize. Joe Tisserand thanked Allan Levin for inviting Laura Hicklin, Director of Dane County Land & Water Resources, as a guest speaker. Everyone agreed that she did a great job fielding difficult questions about managing lake levels.

  • James Tye proposed that the Annual Dinner could be “sponsored” by someone like a financial advisor who could introduce the guest speaker and “softly market” their services. Dan Schultz stated that the Annual Dinner could be expanded to more corporate sponsorships but wasn’t sure about James’ proposal. Roy Carter stated it’s nice to be the “quiet” non-profit vs being a big marketer and felt the Annual Dinner should be a “neutral” marketing event. The discussion was tabled and will continue during the planning phase in 2019.

  • Sal Troia made a motion that next year’s Annual Dinner is on June 18, 2019 at Blackhawk Country Club in Madison. Caroline Fribance seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Summer Social in July: Jerry Rekowski noted that the Summer Social will be at Stoughton Country Club on Lake Kegonsa on July 24, 2018 from 6 – 8 p.m. YLA will pay for light appetizers and 2 drink tickets per person. Jerry estimates 50 attendees. Rhonda Arries will not be able to attend so Jerry asked for help at the registration table. Dick Adler, Eric Olson and Sal Troia volunteered to help. Carol Gillen asked who will be invited. Rhonda will email blast the YLA membership base and ask them to bring friends and neighbors. Eric will ask Stoughton Country Club to become a corporate sponsor. Carol Gillen has a door prize from Rutabaga that she hopes to give away at the Summer Social.

Member Survey in August: Dan Schultz, Nancy Peckham, Carol Gillen and Sal Troia discussed the draft version of a member survey they’ve worked on. They asked for feedback from board members. The purpose of the survey is to see where YLA can build and add greater value to members in order to retain and grow membership. Annette Hellmer noted that some of the language in the survey was very specific (i.e. discounts for hoist/lift installs/removal) and felt the wording should be more general (i.e. discounts at area businesses). After discussion, it was agreed to generalize the survey language so members don’t build false expectations about what could be done or offered in the future.

James Tye noted that Clean Lakes Alliance is doing a beach survey (i.e. rate your beach). He met with the DNR and stakeholders In Dane County to draft the survey questions. He noted that 48% of the Yahara lakes shoreline is government or publicly owned land and that those areas haven’t been maintained as well as they should be. Dan Schultz and Nancy Peckham discussed potential synergies from James’ survey results and possibly partnering with CLA to provide grants to riparians with shoreline issues or assistance to the County for shoreline projects. More discussion will follow as survey results are gathered.

Dan Schultz asked that the YLA survey be finalized for distribution in the August Newsletter as well as in upcoming email blasts. Rhonda Arries will include the survey in email blasts and post the closing date for comments on September 1, 2018.

12:40 p.m. Membership Update:

  • Rhonda Arries reported year-to-date total members: 330 (29 corporate members and 301 individual members) vs 360 total members in 2017 (29 corporate members and 331 individual members.

  • To-date, 30 new members have been added (which is included in the numbers above). 15 are new members (most retained from giving free membership for a year to new riparians); 14 are new members from CLA’s joint mailing and 1 new corporate member.

12:45 p.m. Newsletter: Publishing schedule is February, May, August and November

August Newsletter – Carol Gillen is preparing articles for the August Newsletter. She will interview Chuck Dykman about the history of YLA. Dan Schultz will ask Ken Potter for an article about flood retention requirements and how some of the new changes have allowed developers to do less. Eric Olson will have provide an update on the Spring carp harvest – so far they’ve harvested 110k pounds – in Lake Kegonsa. Carol will interview Eric Olson to introduce him as the latest new Board Member. Allan Levin will ask Laura Hicklin for an article about managing lake levels and the Slow-No-Wake rules. Annette Hellmer will write an article about her remodeling process on her boat house but will not include some of the frustrations encountered with the city. Dan Schultz asked if someone could follow up and secure an article regarding the “Suck the Muck project” for removing legacy phosphorous in the watershed. Nancy Peckham will write about the member survey. Dick Adler will recap the Annual Dinner. Dan Schultz will include the post mortem from John Reimer on lake levels. Carol asked that all articles be given to her by July 27, 2018.

12:55 p.m. Environmental Tracking – Chair: Allan Levin

  • Clean Lakes Alliance (CLA) – Mike Gerner is a CLA Board of Director member. James Tye noted that there are significant items in the proposal with Healthy Farms/Healthy Lakes and recommended that all board members learn what these important items are. The final proposal for Yahara Clean will be due in early August.

  • James Tye noted that weed spraying is likely one of the biggest questions asked of lake associations. Riparians and lake users have lots of questions about aquatic plant harvesting and about spot treat invasive plants. He states that Dane County is currently only cutting weeds vs getting rid of them. Since no one is working on this issue, he recommended that YLA take this issue on and work to solve it. Carol Gillen noted that Susan Graham wrote a newsletter article about what you can do about weeds around your pier but the DNR has complete control over what you can do with weeds. What more and should YLA do? James recommended that the YLA Board invite Paul Dearlove and Paul Shane to speak about weed management as they have experience with weed issues throughout the state and with other lake associations. Dan Schultz will follow up.

  • Lakes & Watershed (L&W) – Allan Levin is the YLA appointee. Pier pick ups are now listed for Lakes Mendota and Monona which alternate every other week. Go to Land and Water Resources website for questions.

  • Watershed Network Group – Roy Carter and Allan Levin

  • Healthy Farms/Healthy Lakes – Allan Levin serves on this committee for Dane County. See CLA’s info above.

Government Tracking Committee – Chair: Dan Schultz, Committee Member: Allan Levin

Riparian Committee – Chair: Sal Troia (Carol Gillen, Roy Carter & Dan Schultz committee mbrs) New / Old Business

1:15 p.m. Dick Adler made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jerry Rekowski seconded the motion. Motion passed. Page 4 of 4

Next meeting date is September 13, 2018