May 2018 Meeting Minutes

 Yahara Lakes Association, Ltd.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 10, 2018 11:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

The Yahara Lakes Association Board of Directors held its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, May 10, 2018, in the Verex Building (150 E. Gilman Street) Yahara Conference room.

The following members and advisors were present: Stuart Allbaugh, Roy Carter, Bill Fitzpatrick, Caroline Fribance, Carol Gillen, Allan Levin, Eric Olson, Nancy Peckham, Jerry Rekowski, Dan Schultz, Joe Tisserand, Sal Troia, James Tye and Rhonda Arries

Members and advisors not present: Dick Adler, Mike Gerner, Doug Bach, Annette Hellmer, Dick Pearson and Parker Waller

11:40 a.m. Call to Order: President Dan Schultz called the meeting to order at 11:40 a.m. Dan Schultz thanked James Tye for access to the Verex Building conference room. Parking was an issue but the road construction should be completed before the July meeting.

11:41 a.m. Minutes: Joe Tisserand made a motion to accept the April 12, 2018 meeting minutes as corrected. Bill Fitzpatrick seconded the motion. Motion passed.

11:42 a.m.Jerry Rekowski introduced Eric Olson as a new board member. Eric has lived on Lake Kegonsa since 2002 and has served on the FOLKS Board of Directors since 2007. Eric is also an elected Supervisor in that area. Eric is looking forward to being actively involved with YLA and likes the YLA mission. Former Board Member, Ray Potempa, was a mentor to Eric and introduced him to YLA. Board members introduced themselves to Eric and welcomed him to the board.

11:50 a.m. Sal Troia provided the Treasurer’s report:

  • Year-to-date membership dues income is at 73% of budget. Roughly $5,000 more is needed to hit the budget for membership dues income.

  • Donations year-to-date are at $6,395. Donations continue to buoy the financial strength of the organization.

  • Expenses are on trend vs. budget except for website expenses. To-date, $924 has been spent on the website vs a budget of $150. The excessive web expenses are due to hacking – new security, new platform and website migration (and more) - was needed in order to secure the website from further hacking.

  • Allan Levin made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Joe Tisserand seconded the motion. Motion passed.

12:00 p.m. Special Events Committee – Co-Chairs: Dick Adler & Joe Tisserand The Spring Seminar will be Tuesday, May 15, 2018 from 5 -7 p.m. at American Family Headquarters.

  • John Reimer will be a guest speaker discussing lake levels and weed harvesting. Sergeant Thomas Sankey will also be a speaker and will discuss slow/no wake and enforcement of it.

  • Registration and check-in will be 4:30 – 5:00 p.m. Dan will order beverages and light snacks for attendees. This event is open to all YLA members, friends and neighbors.

  • All board members are encouraged to help market this event to their “circle of influence”. Rhonda will post a flyer .pdf on the Board Member Only webpage so board members can print copies to hand out as needed.

  • To-date, there have been 33 RSVPs for attendees – it’s anticipated that 50 people will ultimately attend. Dan will also place YLA yard signs to help direct attendees to the American Family Parking area. Allan Levin will bring YLA mugs for the guest speakers. Rhonda Arries will send out another email blast today and on Tuesday, May 15 a.m. Eric Olson will help initiate an email blast invite to FOLKS and place on FOLKS’ Facebook page too. Nancy Peckham will initiate communications to the Lake Waubesa Association and have them placed on their Facebook page. Carol Gillen will initiate getting communications placed on the Lake Monona Facebook page.

The 2018 Annual Dinner will be held on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at Blackhawk Country Club.

  • Joe Tisserand recapped some of the great door prizes and raffle items he and others have secured for the Annual Dinner. He noted that former board member, Mike Jensen, secured a 4-person round of golf at Bishops Bay which will included as a raffle prize. Joe will secure a bench or kayak rack from Endres Manufacturing and Dick Adler will secure a bench from Wickcraft to be raffled. Joe asked all board members to talk with local businesses and ask for a door prize. The door prizes are listed for this year (and previous years) on the Board Member Only – click the link “Door Prizes”. If you secure a door prize, please provide the business address and contact person along with the door prize description to Rhonda Arries so she can send a Thank You note.

  • The Annual Dinner guest speaker will be Laura Hickland, Director of Land & Water Resources for Dane County (she succeeded Kevin Connors upon his retirement). Dan Schultz will also invite Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi, Dave Merritt, Sharon Corrigan and John Reimer.

  • Dan would also like to schedule a Summer Social - likely in August on Lake Kegonsa. The last Summer Social was held at Christys.

  • Dan noted the event should be held at a business that is a corporate sponsor as a “reward” for their YLA membership. Stoughton County Club is an option to host the event. Eric Olson noted that it sits on the South shore on Lake Kegonsa and has good accommodations. FOLKS holds its Annual meetings there. However, Stoughton CC is not a YLA corporate sponsor. Eric and Jerry will talk to Stoughton CC about becoming a corporate sponsor.

  • Dan Schultz asked Jerry Rekowski about having a YLA Summer Social event sometime before August 12 (either late July or early August).  Dan noted the event will likely draw around 50 people – he suggested a Tuesday night from 5 – 7 p.m. Eric and Jerry will work on the logistics and finalize details.

12:40 p.m. Membership: Dan Schultz moved on to talk about membership and noted Joe Tisserand has led the way in recruiting many YLA members as well as Board Members.

  • Rhonda Arries reported year-to-date total members: 274 (29 corporate members and 245 individual members) vs 360 total members in 2017 (29 corporate members and 331 individual members.

  • Dan asked that all Board Members assist in recruiting members to the organization.

  • Rhonda Arries showed board members how to use the interactive Member Map which displays member name and address data year-to-date as well as for the last 3 years. Click the link posted on the Board Members Only page. Dan asked that all board members work on their circle of influence (i.e. non-renewed and/or non-YLA members near their homes)

  • Dan Schultz led an open discussion about bringing value to YLA members. Currently, funding a lake waste pickup on all the lakes has been tabled as a project. He’s still looking for project ideas that would bring value to members. Dan noted that there’s $1k in the budget to fund a project. Carol Gillen suggested funding a retrofit for getting the weed harvester barges closer in shore/shallower water or fund another LTE position to do more weed harvesting. Rhonda Arries suggested asking attendees at the symposium for ideas on which projects they’d like to see funded. Carol also added that someone could ask the County what they might need. Dan suggested that YLA take a cue from the CLA grant process and let people apply for funds (like a grant). Nancy Peckham volunteered to work with Dan on putting a communication piece together to solicit projects for funding at upcoming member events as well as the August newsletter.

12:55 p.m. Newsletter: Publishing schedule is February, May, August and November

August Newsletter – Carol Gillen is preparing for the August Newsletter. She will interview Chuck Dykman about the history of YLA for the August newsletter. Dan Schultz will ask Ken Potter for an article about flood retention requirements and how some of the new changes have allowed developers to do less. Eric Olson will have provide an update on the Spring carp harvest – so far they’ve harvested 110k pounds – in Lake Kegonsa. Carol also noted that she will work with Eric for an article to introduce him as the latest new Board Member. Allan Levin will ask Laura Hickland for an article about managing lake levels and the Slow-No-Wake. Carol will provide an update on the May Symposium.

1:00 p.m. Environmental Tracking – Chair: Allan Levin

  • Clean Lakes Alliance (CLA) – Mike Gerner is a CLA Board of Director member. James Tye thanked those who came to sign the joint CLA letters to riparians. YLA Board participation was down from previous years so James is thinking of a change of venue. Clean lakes is trying to secure donations in the first half of the year so financials are better known so would then get the joint letters out earlier in 2019. CLA awarded $162,000 in grants this year to various organizations and projects. One of the projects is funding for Friends of Pheasant Branch for a carp bubble barrier which would keep carp out of Pheasant Branch Creek to prevent carp from disrupting natural vegetation and stirring up phosphorous. James noted that all of CLA’s volunteer days have been filled and that all citizen monitors are trained and ready to go. The Memorial Union now has Clean Lakes signage up along with information about James passed around the 2018 Lake Guide which was supported by Lands End – this guide goes out to 50,000 households before Memorial Day weekend. YLA sponsorship was noted on page 11 and 42. Going forward, James suggested that YLA should put together the history of the organization for inclusion in this handbook. Nancy Peckham noted that in 2020, YLA will be 50 years old and so we should prepare for some PR for that upcoming milestone.

  • Lakes & Watershed (L&W) – Allan Levin is the YLA appointee. Allan Levin talked about Lakes and Watershed and the big Asian carp issue. The Stoughton dam could be a Page 4 of 4 location to get funding to stop the carp from going upstream. Look for more information about this project during the County budget process in the Fall.

  • Watershed Network Group – Roy Carter and Allan Levin – no report.

  • Healthy Farms/Healthy Lakes – Allan Levin serves on this committee for Dane County. Allan Levin also provided an updated on Healthy Farms/Healthy Lakes. They are trying to create a database to track which farmers are following nutrient management and which aren’t. However, farmers don’t want to share information because those that are strictly following nutrient management might face bad publicity. Allan isn’t optimistic that the efforts will take hold anytime soon. The issue is manure and what to do with it.

1:10 p.m. Government Tracking Committee – Chair: Dan Schultz, Committee Member Allan Levin

  • Dan Schultz is leading the Government Tracking Committee. He’s disappointed about the retention pond revision of Act 243. Allan Levin has the details of this revision. The revision was voted on “under the radar” and the change increases the potential run off dramatically. Ken Potter will write an article about this to clarify the change. This is a state law that’s basically telling Dane County that, once again, they can’t have laws that are than the state’s. Since this Act has already been passed, Dan noted that YLA can only inform members about it but at this point really can’t repeal or act on it. Allan will try to keep abreast of future issues so that YLA and the Board can be more proactive if need be.

1:13 p.m. Riparian Committee – Chair: Sal Troia (Carol Gillen, Roy Carter & Dan Schultz committee mbrs)

  • No report 1:14 p.m. New / Old Business

  • Carol Gillen asked Stuart Allbaugh for an update regarding the new development on Lake Waubesa. She inquired about the reaction of neighbors and area riparians to the new structure. Stuart stated that he has been gone for the winter months and doesn’t have local reactions to the new development other than instead of 4 stories, the building is 3 stories and instead of 50 units, there are 29. He noted that the top condo units are listed for $600k+.

1:15 p.m. Allan Levin made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Joe Tisserand seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Next meeting date is July 12, 2018